Family Tree
2007 Chris Marc Dave Mush After, period of reflection Benson rise phoenix-like from the ashes! Hussey is out.
Dave is in (again)
2006 Chris Marc Karl Mush Karl Hussey is back!
Marc Sallis joins on guitar.
Mush joins on bass.
2004 Chris Paul Andy Jonny Stady
2003 Chris Paul Andy Jonny Ritchie
2002 Chris Paul Karl Jonny Karl Hussey is recruited as drummer.
Band release 'Satan Kidney Pie'.
Paul Summers joins on guitar.
2001 Chris Ian

Jonny Duncan Lovatt finally quits the band. Band unable to sustain London-Sheffield arrangement, Dave and Ian are forced to quit.
Chris writes Satan Kidney Pie, otherwise a very quiet year…
2000 Chris Duncan

Jonny What a year! TB release single 'Robot Tourist' and 'debut' album 'Hiss'. Napolean leaves to take up other employment 3 weeks before Joe Strummer tour.
Bruce Brand, who had played drums on 'The Emperor' on the album 'Hiss' steps into the breach. He plays on Strummer tour and features as werewolf drummer in the video for 'I Don't Buy It'. Other commitments prevent Jonny from playing Strummer tour as well, so keys are played by Will (…….). Chaos.
Single 'I Don't Buy It' is released, and followed by Christmas single 'Black Snow' with video featuring new Sheffield-based members, Dave Attwood (drums) and Ian Hutchinson (bass and keys).
It is worth mentioning that Dave and Ian both played on Black Snow and also on version of Sweat Pt1 & 2 (Pt 2 is featured on US album 'Benson Burner') recorded by Anthony Chapman.
1999 Chris Duncan Napoleon Jonny Band release 'Rock Cottage' 7" on their own label, Cottage Records.
1998 Chris Duncan Napoleon Jonny Record and release second 7": 'The Claw' (bw 'Bardot Style') on SWEET.
Asked,by Deceptive Records to release another 7": 'Evil Heat' (bw 'Uncle Benson').
Band play first gig, joined by Jonny Wood on keyboards.
Deceptive then compile all three 7" and B sides onto one CD: '6 Fingers Of Benson', followed by ep: 'United Colors Of Benson' ('Mystery Man', 'Mad Ferret', 'Hell This Hour', 'Luvly Guy').
1997 Chris Duncan Napoleon This trio records and releases their first 7" single, 'City Hoppers' (bw 'Transport Overseas') on SWEET (mates label).